martes, marzo 20, 2007

Life stinks then you die

I am a writter gentleman. I hear voices of tongues around me. Can see further than time. Can say what I want. But I feel sad, not empty, or incomplete. I know life is hard. It stinks then you die.

Yesterday I could realize that I am a rider, a stranger, a strider. I go walking, learning, smelling the air. I don't care about bucks, but everything is matter of time. Woman, I hope you are listening to me somewhere, yes I am a dreamer but I'm not the only one.

Just today I realize that I was fooled. I forgot about me.I was fooled by Death, Misery, Evil. Now I know I have to re-birth, studying more, being pacient, earning my money. NO FEAR, NO WORDS, JUST ENERGY. All the road I've walked and now I can see I was wrong. I was jailed in this body. The Only way to escape is writting. Now, i'm writting my life. Searching truth.

(1994) I ll be away. Smoke some archives stuff...