lunes, junio 30, 2008

Me Paper. Me Fire. Me Ashes. Me Earth.

Un tiempo se me dió por componer canciones, o al menos eso creía, y ésta es una de aquella a la q tengo mucho aprecio, pues realmente crei que tenía potencial, estaba escrita para ser tocada por una banda "trash" de la cual ahora sólo queda el recuerdo... así que la rescaté del trash can, ahi va, (Pueden imaginar a Bob Esponja con su guitarra y en éxtasis roquero le ponen música metal)


Bombs, Fire
Death, Crimes
Where Are U Going My Friends?
Can't You See Your TV Monitor?
All I See Is Eternity...

News plus News
All Men's Identity
Fire, Death, Bombs
All Destruction Boys

And You Girls
What Are U Gonna Be?
Please Don't Take Your Faces Away
Don't You See...?

Sun Is Serving Humanity
Moon Is Lying Every Night
She's Blind and Dead
It Is A Stone
A Perfect Rounded Stone
Out Of Light

Sun Is Living
Give Us Life Day And Night
Planets Are Its Sons And Girls
Two Girls If U Count Venus and Earth.

Imagine See World.

Earth. Home. Life.
But What Are They Doing There?
They Are Killing Each Other!

Here Up Out Side
We Can't Believe It
Machines Working
People Using People
Who Do U Love?
Do U Really Care?
You're Selling To Devil
To The Black Hole
You Are Throwing It All Away

Come On U Buster!
Don’t Go Walking In Outer Space
It Is Toxically
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

They Are Right, I Was A Saint

Now I'm A Cathedral
All Gothic
Out Of Ambitions
Me Paper. Me Fire. Me Ashes. Me Earth.

I Think I’m Working Here
Spying The Earth
Mouth Taped
All Praises And Thoughts
In The Great Universe
In The Eternity Of Night
While The Other Side Is Up And Walking
Here In This Side The Most Are Smoking.

(riff final, uang uong, uang.... tara rán!!)

Sí pues, mucho... mucho floyd, mucho doors...